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Here I am listing some 'Basic Level' exercises on raag Yaman.

'Basic Level' raagas contain aroha-avaroha-pakad (as an introduction to a raaga), a swarmala (to start learning tabla taals) and a chhota khayal which is a bandish (composition) in drut laya (fast pace). 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' levels have khayals in vilambit laya (slow pace) alongwith alaaps and taans. Soon, I will add few links for theory and some info on this raag. I will also add audio files to get an idea about speed of taals and the way to sing.

Description: That: Kalyan, Vadi: 'G', Samvadi: 'N', Vivadi: 'P', Jati: Shadav-Sampoorn, 
                       Time: first prahar of night (7:30 pm). 
                       Remarks: 1. This raag has teevra 'M'. 
                                2. 'Aroha', Avaroha' and 'Pakad' should be sung 
                                   in 'aakar' and swaras.(M#)

Aroha:     N  R  G  M# D  N  S^
Avaroha:   S^ N  D  P  M# G  R  S
Pakad:     N R G, R G M# M# G, G P, P M# R G, M# G R, N D S 

Swar-mala   Teen Taal
                  0           -           +           -  	    
                  P  -  R  G  -  R  N  R  G  -  -  R  G  M# P  -
                  N  R  M# G  P  M# D  P  M# N  D  P  M# G  R  S

                  G  M# D  G  -  M# D  N  S^ -  -  D  N  R  S^ -
                  N  R^ G^ N  -  R^ S^ S^ N  -  D  P  M# G  R  S

Cheez (chchota khayal)
                  0     -     +       -  	    
                  Ye ri aali  piya bin, sakhi |	
                  kal na padat mohe, ghadi pal chhin din ||
                  jabse piya, pardes gawan kinho |
                  ratiya katat mori, taare gin gin ||			
       Cheez in swaras	
                  N   P  R S   G R  G G,   G M |
                  GM#  G  PMD  PP,    NN    PP   RR  SS ||

                  PP S^  S^S^ S^SNR^N  DNS^ NN |
                  NR^G^  R^S^N  PP,  NP     RR  SS ||

1. Interesting info on 'Yaman'.

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